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My Reason

Hazel Homan was 3-years-old when she was murdered by her father's girlfriend, Kamee Dixon, while under the watch of the Washington State Department of Children, Youth & Families. She was living with her loving grandparents when she was sent back to live with her father and Dixon who  was later found guilty of homicide by abuse of Hazel and sentenced to 34 years in prison.


The medical examiner stated that Hazel died of shaken baby syndrome but also noted that she had 50 injuries all at various stages of healing including broken bones and a serious chemical alkaline burn.


Hazel Journey, as her family refers to her as, is terribly missed. They feel as though the Washington State Department of Children, Youth & Families FAILED her and continues to fail the vulnerable children of Washington. They urge Washington legislatures to support policy changes because Hazel's voice matters.


Please read the letter below written by Hazel’s incredibly strong and loving Aunt Ashlee Bartell:


“In November 2019, my niece Hazel was tortured and murdered by my brother’s girlfriend while under the supervision of the Department of Child Protective Services. Hazel was first taken from my brother and her biological mother during a domestic violence dispute in November 2017. Child Protective Services contacted my mother to let her know what had happened and that we could come to get Hazel from the Bellingham DCYF office. When we arrived, they let my mother and stepfather know that they could take Hazel back to their home in Olympia, WA but that Hazel would remain a dependent of the state of Washington. My mother, who was unaware at the time that they were even going to place Hazel in the state’s custody, was left with no choice other than to agree and sign their contract or they were not going to allow Hazel to leave the DCYF office with us. Hazel was then placed in their care for the next year and seven months. My mother and stepfather loved and cared for Hazel like she was their own. Hazel was thriving when she was with them, and she was loved and supported by our whole family.


Ever since Hazel was born, I called her my angel baby, but I never thought she would actually be an angel so soon. In June 2019 CPS returned Hazel to my brother’s care and she was to have mandatory weekly well-child check-ins for the next six months but from the DCYF child fatality report on her there was a lot of documentation that was missing or never completed. Days later after she was pronounced brain dead from the abuse she suffered, we found out that there were other medical findings that were either not reported or not investigated by medical professionals or CPS while in the care of her father and his girlfriend. Some of the injuries Hazel suffered were a 2nd degree burn to her hand, a chemical burn to the eye, and multiple different bones that were in different stages of healing. Due to DCYF’s confidentiality policy, no one was ever notified or informed of any of these injuries, or we would have stepped in right away.


The last incident that took Hazel’s life happened on November 27, 2019. After 2 brain death assessments were conducted on 11/30 Hazel was pronounced brain dead. After that Hazel was then left on life support until December 4, 2019, because even though her body suffered burns and bruises, she was still able to donate 3 of her organs to help save the lives of three others. What the enemy brought for evil God was still able to deliver miracles. After everything that happened with Hazel it started an undeniable fire and passion in my soul to be her voice and help bring awareness and change.


Over the last three years my hands were tied because we were fighting for Hazel’s justice but on August 2, 2022, she finally received that justice which allowed me to step out in faith and begin to be her voice.”

To learn more details about Hazel Homan’s heartbreaking story please check out Suffer the Little Children podcast.

Hazel Journey

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