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About Us

Light The Way Missing Persons Advocacy Project began in 2021 as a passion project by advocates who were looking to make a change in the missing persons community. By 2022, it evolved into a volunteer organization that is committed to engaging with empathy and compassion for the missing and their loved ones, providing resources and support for families and loved ones of missing persons, and fostering positive relationships between families of missing persons and law enforcement.


Our Light The Way team of volunteers selflessly dedicates themselves to investigate and locate missing persons, assist in recovering human trafficking victims, and advocate for missing individuals. Light The Way also highlights a campaign dedicated to the advocacy of children failed by the Washington State foster care system called “My Reason”. 


At Light The Way, we pride ourselves on our ability to bridge the gap between the families of missing persons and law enforcement through collaboration with members of police departments, sheriff’s offices, and the FBI. By working alongside law enforcement, we provide families and loved ones with additional information regarding the facts and circumstances of a disappearance, which in turn provides much needed comfort and understanding for loved ones.

Our Light The Way team offers a wide variety of services including but not limited to: 

  • organizing successful advocacy and awareness campaigns such as:  

    • assisting in planning candlelight vigils

    • coordinating authorized community volunteer searches

    • spearheading fundraising events for reward funds

    • planning in person community gatherings

    • initiating and maintaining social media campaigns 

    • connecting families with media outlets

    • creating flyers, billboards and websites for missing persons awareness 

  • utilizing a wide range of special abilities in open source investigation techniques


Here at Light The Way, our focus remains on helping people and making changes in the world. We invite volunteers to join us as we LIGHT THE WAY home for the missing and work together to bring the missing home and provide their loved ones the answers they deserve.

"When I see someone going through a storm of hurt and unfairness, of anger and sadness... when the sun disappears and the skies grow dark... and I see fear... I ask myself, "What can I do to help let the light back in?" I put my hands on my heart and listen. And that is where I find the answer: I have compassion. I act with tenderness. I am love."

 Susan Verde

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