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Finley Creek Jane Doe

August 27, 1978

On August 27, 1978, a pair of hunters found a skeleton in the woods near Elgin, OR. A female, aged approximately 17 - 25 years old, with sandy brown or blonde hair, height around 5’1” - 5’3”, around 115 - 125 lbs and possibly pregnant. She was found on a hillside across the creek that runs parallel to Ruckle Road.

Items found with the remains:

- a white halter or bra style top

- red Catalina pants (size 15/16) with possible length alteration

- ankle-high lace up shoes or boots

- remnants of red cloth, white cloth, white cloths with small red hearts, zippers

- pieces of nylon cord

District Attorney, Dale Mammen of Union County also reported a knotted length of what appeared to be radio antenna cable, about three feet long, was found in the grave.  Criminalist John Spilker documented this as two lengths tied together.

The grave was 4 ft long, 20 in wide, 29 in deep. It appeared that an animal disturbed the remains, uncovering a skull and several other bones which were subsequently found by the hunters.

Today it is uncertain if there is any DNA remaining in this case. In June 1990, the case was closed, and the evidence destroyed. The Jane Doe and the possible baby's remains were cremated. The Finley Creek Jane Doe Task Force has been able to locate some unidentified cremains at the coroner’s office in the county where they were cremated, and circumstances make it a strong possibility they are the Finley Creek Jane Doe. The task force is working continuously to having them processed by a team of experts to see if any DNA can be extracted and used for identification.

There is a written description of her teeth, handwritten dental charts - NOT x-rays - and oblique photos of her skull and teeth for comparison purposes. 

Current rule outs include:

Melanie Flynn - Fayette, KY

Laura Flink - Grays Harbor, WA

Rita Jolly - Clackamas, OR

Laurie Partridge - Spokane, WA

Teresa Fittin - Broward, FL

Suzanne Hagedorn - Brighton, CO

Sherry Jean Pickle - Borrego Springs, CA

Desiree Haas, AKA JENKINS; Placerville, CA

Robyn Ann Pettinato - Whitefish, MT

Jamie Rochelle Grissim - Vancouver, WA
Benita Gay Chamberlin - Eugene, OR

Patricia Otto of Lewiston, ID is also listed on official networks as being ruled out, but the document that was written by authorities ruling Patty out as The Finley Creek Jane Doe does not describe FCJD’s dentals correctly. Could it be that they are the same? 

In 2021, when Suzanne Timms, daughter of Patricia Otto was scrolling social media and happened across a sketch of The Finley Creek Jane Doe, she immediately thought it was herself. "Why would someone create an image of me and say that I'm missing?" Naturally, Suzanne began to do some research. What she soon uncovered molded her beliefs that The Finley Creek Jane Doe was in fact, her mother, Patricia Otto. 

Suzanne believes The Finley Creek Jane Doe is her missing mother, but unfortunately, she has no body. Oregon State Police closed the case in 1990, sending the remains of The Finley Creek Jane Doe to be cremated. A few remains were never found, including her hands, an arm and a pelvic bone. 

If you have any information regarding The Finley Creek Jane Doe, please contact the Finley Creek Jane Doe Task Force at 541-805-6873.

For more information about The Finley Creek Jane Doe, click here.

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Pictured: Left: Patricia Otto, Center: Finley Creek Jane Doe and Right: Suzanne Timms, daughter of Patty Otto
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