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Light The Way Missing Persons Advocacy Project is a victim-centered volunteer organization dedicated to reuniting missing persons with their loved ones, fostering positive relationships between families and law enforcement and advocating tirelessly for victims of unresolved cases, missing individuals and their families.


At Light The Way we believe in treating missing persons, their families, and loved ones with empathy and compassion and we understand that every person deserves to be found.

We have the right to choose which cases are accepted and what services are needed at our own discretion.


For the last two plus years, Light The Way Missing Persons Advocacy Project has organized a weekly phone call and email writing campaign to Governor Inslee on behalf of missing child Oakley Carlson requesting that he conduct an immediate secondary independent agency review of Oakley’s Washington State Department of Children, Youth and Families (WA DCYF) case.  This past fall, Governor Inslee responded and stated that, “The Office of the Family and Children’s Ombuds (OFCO) found that DCYF’s conduct and actions were consistent with court orders, state and federal laws, and agency policies. My office has a high degree of confidence in both the thoroughness and impartiality of the OFCO’s investigation and finding regarding DCYF’s conduct and its service delivery to Oakley and her family.”  His response felt as if he was ignoring Oakley’s supporters concerns regarding Patrick Dowd’s lack of transparency when interviewing Jamie Jo Hiles, Oakley’s foster mom, and the verified timeline which shows WA DCYF’s disregard for the multiple phone calls and emails made to social worker Angela Fries regarding Oakley’s safety.

The facts are simple, WA DCYF failed Oakley Carlson and we have created a petition in support of seeking answers for Oakley by requesting that Governor Inslee conduct an immediate secondary independent agency review of Oakley Carlson’s WA DCYF case.  We need your help today by signing the petition and sharing the petition across your social media platforms and with friends and family. 

We THANK YOU for being a voice for Oakley and a voice for children who have been failed by the adults whose job was to keep them safe. Click here to sign and share!


Call to Action

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Lonene “Lonnie” Rogers has been missing since January 7, 1981 from Hayfield Township, Pennsylvania. She is profoundly deaf and as a result cannot speak fluently.  Lonnie communicates primarily through lip reading and American Sign Language. It was reported that on January 7, Lonnie was last seen by her husband, Clinton “Bud” Rogers, between 2 and 3 am during a snowstorm.  According to Bud, she left after the two had an argument. He stated he went to sleep and that when he awoke she was gone.  Lonnie left behind her purse, hearing aids, medication, glasses, Mustang car, car keys, and two small children that she loved dearly. Bud did not report Lonnie missing.  Lonnie’s parents did, after Bud started behaving strangely just hours after her disappearance.

For the next eight years after Lonnie’s disappearance, Lonnie and Bud's two children were shuttled from one temporary location to the next. On October 14, 1989, Bud dropped their daughter Alison off at a police station and stated he no longer wished to care for her. A guidance counselor at Alison's school reached out to her, and she ultimately came under her legal guardianship for the remainder of her childhood and Alison considers that family to be her true family.
On January 19, 2022, A Daughter’s Journey…and Story of Resilience, written by Lonnie’s daughter, Alison Duiker, was published,
click here to view the book.  The book details the life of Lonene Ray Rogers and Alison’s own life experiences growing up as a daughter whose mother was missing and her belief that her biological father, Bud, may have been involved in her mother's disappearance. Alison’s strength and determination to find the truth about what happened to her mother Lonnie shines through in her book and we feel honored to work with her.

Over the last forty-three years, Alison has remained Lonnie’s most steadfast advocate, stopping at nothing to find justice for her missing mother.  However she has struggled to work collaboratively with law enforcement due to the numerous denials when requesting her mother’s missing person’s case files.  Law enforcement has reported that they have been actively working Lonnie’s case, however, according to Alison in four decades they have been unsuccessful in moving the case forward. Alison states that each phone call made by her family results in detectives communicating there is nothing new to report. These words are often followed by how busy they are solving other cases, and a reminder that Lonnie’s case is an add-on to their already overwhelming workload. Alison recently initiated a petition aimed at establishing “Lonnie’s Law,” a legislative proposal which would grant families of missing individuals access to case files in instances where the case remains unresolved for exceeding 20 years.  Please sign and share the petition regarding Lonnie’s Law by clicking here.


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Engage With Empathy Campaign

Light The Way proudly supports and encourages Julie Murray's Engage With Empathy Campaign. The #EngageWithEmpathy Campaign unites survivors of true crime, supporters, & content creators as we make the difficult journey for those struggling with loss a little more bearable.


  • To offer support and solace to those struggling with loss and trauma.

  • To educate content creators on the lasting effects their content has on those who have the most at stake in the stories they cover.

  • To educate the public on how to identify responsible and ethical true crime content.

  • To engage the true crime community on issues important to victims and families left behind in the wake of these tragedies. 

#EngageWithEmpathy Campaign - Maura Murray (

For Immediate Release

JULY 2, 2024

The New Hampshire Coalition Families of the Missing and Murdered Gather at the New Hampshire State House


Concord, N.H. - Building on the momentum generated last year, the New Hampshire Coalition of Families of the Missing and Murdered will gather again this year to raise awareness for the 130 plus unsolved missing and murdered cases in the state. The Coalition, comprised of victim families, survivors, and advocates, gathered at the Attorney General’s Office in Concord in August 2023. The families and advocates insisted that the Attorney General improve communication, reform the victim advocacy program and secure justice for the victims. The stagnation of the investigations, communication gaps, and shared sense of apathy was the driving force behind these devastated families banding together. The Coalition garnered tremendous support within the community and has grown in size over the past year with other victim families joining the effort.  As a result of last year’s gathering many of the families were granted an audience with the Attorney General’s office and their respective detectives. While the Attorney General’s office has taken steps to address the shared grievances, the Coalition aims to keep that momentum going in a positive direction.

This year the Coalition plans to take a more collaborative approach and extend invitations to state officials. The belief is that a more united front will give solace and hope to the families who live in agonizing limbo. 


The New Hampshire Coalition of Families of the Missing and Murdered will gather at the State House, 107 N. Main St. in Concord, NH on August 13, 2024 at 11:00 a.m.  Families, advocates, and supporters are welcome to attend the peaceful gathering.  


“It has been a painfully long six years awaiting justice for the brutal abuse and murder of Trish Haynes. For her family and friends who cherished her, enduring this prolonged wait has been almost unbearable. We know Trish was not only murdered but also subjected to unspeakable acts, yet justice has eluded us.

Despite clear evidence and witness accounts, the investigation has faltered. Recent changes in the handling of her case bring hope that finally, justice may be served. We stand together with the NH Coalition of Families of the Missing and Murdered, united in our demand for accountability. No victim should be forgotten, and no criminal should evade accountability for such heinous acts. The community's support and solidarity in demanding justice are essential in ensuring that Trish's memory is honored and that her perpetrators are held accountable. It is our greatest hope that justice is finally served for Trish and all victims like her.” said the family of Trish Haynes whose 2018 murder remains unsolved. 


“Thirty-six years ago my daughter and I fought for our lives. And thirty-six years later we still don’t have answers. I will continue to advocate for not only my daughter and I, but for all the unsolved cases connected to the Connecticut River Valley serial killer until we get answers.” said Jane Boroski, the lone survivor of the unsolved Connecticut Valley River killer. 

“While we have made some progress, there is still much to be done. My family remains committed to advocating for other victims and their families, and we will continue to collaborate with public officials to seek justice and resolution for these tragedies.” said Julie Murray, older sister of Maura Murray who went missing in February 2004.

The goals of this initiative include:

Raising Awareness. Many cases have received no coverage or exposure. This effort will help bring those victims into the public consciousness to promote a renewed focus on the investigations and aid in generating new tips and leads.

Reforming the Victim Advocacy Program. Victims and families often do not know who is in charge of their cases and find their inquiries go unanswered. Many have not been assigned or in contact with state appointed victim advocates.  Many families are concerned that the advocates have the best interest of the Attorney General’s Office and not the victim. The program is ineffective. To the families, this is the bare minimum.

Improve Communication with Investigators. Advocates and families regularly send in leads and tips, but are met with silence, without even an acknowledgement of receipt. Families understand the complexities and ongoing nature of these investigations and are not seeking to jeopardize law enforcement proceedings; however, they will no longer tolerate being completely ignored.   

Securing Justice for the Victims. The ultimate goal is to achieve justice for these unsolved cases and bring resolution to the families left behind in the wake of these tragedies. This will take more understanding, cooperation and communication between investigators and victims/families. 

Individuals can join the effort and learn more about the advocacy initiatives of the families of the missing and murdered in New Hampshire by emailing ###

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Birthdays And Important Dates

Brandon Wade Birthday 2024.png


On July 15, we will honor Brandon Wade on his 25th birthday.  Brandon disappeared on October 13, 2002, along with his mother under suspicious circumstances in Valdosta, Georgia. Neither have been seen since.  Missing, but never forgotten.  To learn more about Brandon’s story, please click here.


On July 22, we honor Trish Haynes on what would have been her 32nd birthday. Trish’s case remains unresolved since she was taken from this world in September 2018 in Grafton, New Hampshire. Gone, but never forgotten. To learn more about Trish’s story, please click here.

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On July 26, 1992, around 9 pm, Brenda Gail Lambert disappeared from her residence in Bluewell, West Virginia, after her son's first birthday party. Her estranged husband, Raymond Lambert was the last person to see her alive.

Brenda was a victim of domestic violence and according to loved ones she was preparing to divorce Raymond. Brenda left behind her two beloved children, all of her belongings, including the clothing she was last seen wearing, and her car was found parked in the driveway of her home. To learn more about Brenda’s story, please click here.

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