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Light The Way Missing Persons Advocacy Project was founded on the principles of providing the families and loved ones of missing persons a full circle experience, where we use our investigative skills and research tools, as well as our passion for advocacy to locate missing individuals.

Our small, private team attempts to locate missing persons by using various open source investigation techniques and provides a wide variety of awareness and advocacy campaigns for missing persons such as:

  • assisting in planning candlelight vigils

  • coordinating authorized community volunteer searches

  • spearheading fundraising events for reward funds

  • planning in person community gatherings

  • initiating and maintaining social media campaigns

  • connecting families with media outlets

  • creating flyers, billboards, and websites for missing persons awareness

At Light The Way we believe in treating missing persons, their families, and loved ones with empathy and compassion and we understand that every person deserves to be found.

We have the right to choose which cases are accepted and what services are needed at our own discretion.

Engage with Empathy Campaign

Light The Way proudly supports and encourages Julie Murray's Engage With Empathy Campaign. The #EngageWithEmpathy Campaign unites survivors of true crime, supporters, & content creators as we make the difficult journey for those struggling with loss a little more bearable.


  • To offer support and solace to those struggling with loss and trauma.

  • To educate content creators on the lasting effects their content has on those who have the most at stake in the stories they cover.

  • To educate the public on how to identify responsible and ethical true crime content.

  • To engage the true crime community on issues important to victims and families left behind in the wake of these tragedies. 

#EngageWithEmpathy Campaign - Maura Murray (

Important Dates

September 17
Ava Grace Baldwin was last seen on September 17, 2015 in San Antonio, Texas when she was 6-years-old. She is now 14-years-old and has been missing for 8 years. Ava is believed to be in the company of her non-custodial mother, Kathryn Ann Baldwin, who has a felony warrant for interfering with child custody. If you have any information, please call the San Antonio, TX Police Dept at 210-207-7660

Ava Missing Anniversary.png

September 25: National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims
The annual National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims pays tribute and honors murder victims and their surviving family members. Light the Way would like to honor Theresa Corley on this day.


Theresa Corley, 19, left a bar in early December 1978, after an argument with her boyfriend in Franklin, Massachusetts. While attempting to walk home, Theresa was approached by a group of men and ended up at a party in the Presidential Arms Apartments. Reports indicate that Theresa was last seen within a mile of her house. However, the next morning Theresa’s mother realized she had never made it home. A couple days later, on December 8, 1978, Theresa’s nude body was found on the northbound side of Route 495 in Bellingham, Massachusetts. Her jacket and a pair of jeans were found near her. The discovery of Theresa’s body was made after a man, identifying himself as John Burlington, called Bellingham police, explaining to them that he saw a body when he pulled off the road to use the bathroom. State police now say that Burlington never existed. In May of 2017, Theresa’s body was exhumed, and Norfolk County DA is relentlessly testing items for DNA analysis in hopes of identifying the person(s) responsible for her murder.

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October 8, 2023
Lace up your running shoes and prepare for the inaugural Run for the Missing! Run for the Missing is a 5k run/walk to support Private Investigations for the Missing. Join us on October 8 in Reading, Massachusetts. All proceeds go directly to supporting their nonprofit! Not familiar with PI for the Missing? Visit their website to learn more about what they do. Register now at and receive a

t-shirt plus a chance to win raffle prizes and rewards!


October 12, 2023
We are excited to announce that Light The Way Missing Persons Advocacy Project will be presenting at the Cold Case Symposium on October 12, 2023 at Purdue University.  This event gives attendees the opportunity to learn from experts and families seeking answers in unsolved cases.
By joining us at the Cold Case Symposium 2023, you are not just enhancing your own skills—you are using the power of collective impact to align resources and mobilize support for unsolved cases. To learn more, or to attend, please click here. 

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