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Justice For Missing Child Oakley Carlson

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Oakley Carlson's Story: Seeking Justice and Accountability

Oakley Carlson, a 7-year-old girl from Oakville, Washington, was last seen on February 10, 2021, but her disappearance wasn't reported until ten months later on December 6, 2021. Concerns about Oakley's safety arose after a fire at her family home, prompting a school principal to raise alarms when Oakley was nowhere to be found during a donation visit. Upon a welfare check, Oakley's biological parents, Jordan Bowers and Andrew Carlson, were taken into custody but offered no credible information regarding her whereabouts.

Despite initial charges of manslaughter against Bowers and Carlson, these were dismissed due to insufficient evidence. However, they were convicted of endangerment with a controlled substance for exposing Oakley's siblings to methamphetamine. Carlson was released after serving less than eight months of his twelve-month sentence, while Bowers faced further legal trouble unrelated to Oakley's case.

Oakley spent a significant portion of her early years under the care of foster parents Jamie Jo and Erik Hiles, who provided a loving and nurturing environment. Despite concerns raised by the Hiles and community members about Oakley's safety to the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families (WA DCYF), their apprehensions were allegedly overlooked by social workers Angela Fries and Kathryn Eddy.

According to police reports and court documents, Oakley endured starvation, physical abuse, and confinement as forms of punishment while in her biological parents' care. Despite numerous reports of abuse and neglect spanning from 2013 to 2021, WA DCYF's responses were insufficient, with several calls being disregarded altogether.

The closure of Oakley's case by WA DCYF in March 2021 without physical confirmation of her safety raises significant concerns regarding procedural lapses and oversight. Governor Jay Inslee's subsequent internal investigation into Oakley's case, conducted by Patrick Dowd, found the department's actions to be in accordance with laws and policies. However, the lack of transparency in the investigation's findings has led to calls for an independent review to ensure impartiality.

We stand united in seeking justice for Oakley and accountability from WA DCYF and the individuals involved in her case. Your support in petitioning for an immediate secondary independent agency review is crucial in our pursuit of truth and justice for Oakley Carlson.

Please consider lending your support to this petition by clicking here or by scanning the QR code below. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

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